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Fidalgo Seed Share
at the Anacortes Library

Spring is coming to the Fidalgo Seed Share Library at the Anacortes Library!

When we've just endured snow, ice and a 13F day, it is hard to believe that spring is coming, but it is!  And the Seed Share Library will be ready to support your gardening efforts.


February 24 is RESTOCK day for 2024.  The first seeds of the year will

be ready for you to pick up anytime the Anacortes Library is open.  


We got your help!  A HUGE Thank you to all who signed up and showed

up to pack seeds on Feb 5 and 6!  14 people showed up and packed

1550 packets of seed from local growers!  It was amazing!

Find these seeds and some commercial offerings, starting February 24, at the Anacortes library, anytime the library is open.

Ongoing work and ways to support each other's efforts in gardening from seed and saving seed:

  • Continue work on a Seed Garden on Guemes Island

    • the Seed Garden is an effort to grow seed in a controlled environment for use on our islands.  It is meant to be an additional source beyond what we get from individual growers.

    • we need gardeners to help plant and tend seed in this garden

  • Assist gardeners in growing and saving seed for the Seed Library

    • In addition to providing seed, we have expertise in what it takes to successfully grow plants for seed; Ask us!

    • We have a seed processing station, where there are screens and assistance in turning your 'fruits' into viable seed.

  • Provide educational opportunities to further the mission of Fidalgo Seed Share

    • We collect stories about local gardening, especially those related to the Seed
      Share.   Check out our garden blog!

    • Do you have a story to share?  We'd love to hear them and share them.

    • What is it/How many at the library to test your knowledge; answers in the white binder at the library, and here (coming soon!)

    • Signup for our emails for information on talks and other opportunities to learn more

  • Monetary Donations

    • All of our seed is donated and we offer it up to the community at no cost.  But there is a cost to the organization; we spend around $500/year on envelopes, labels and ink to make packets from the bulk seed and other packages we receive.

    • To make a donation to the seed library efforts, click the blue 'donate' button on the top of this page and mark the donation as being to support Fidalgo Seed Share.

To volunteer to help with packaging seed or the seed garden, get more information about seed growing and processing, signup for our emails, or ask other questions about gardening from seed, email us at

Why we do this?

As part of Transition Fidalgo, we are committed to doing our part to ensure a local, resilient food system.  Since much of our food can be grown in our own gardens and gardening starts with seeds, we save seed.  Saving seed ensures a supply as well as a diversity of plants adapted to local growing conditions and is a critical part of a resilient food system.

How does it work?

At the beginning of the planting season, generally in late January,  the seed team will start putting out seed at the Anacortes Library.  Gardeners are welcome to “borrow” small quantities of seeds, grow them for food, flowers, and/or future seeds. If some of the seeds are saved, some can be returned to the library for the next grower. In that way, our seed library will keep the seed exchange going and growing.

How do I get started?

In the early spring through late summer, come in and get some seeds whenever the Anacortes Library is open (find us between the “teen” stacks and the small conference rooms). Become part of a growing community of gardeners who cherish and care for seeds! As the season ends, save seed from your successful plantings.  Check our resources page for details on saving seed for many different plants.

Need help?

Our resources page has links to many useful websites for both growing plants and saving seed of all types.  If you need further assistance, email us at

Fidalgo Seed Share is a project of Transition Fidalgo, and is partnering with the Anacortes Library to help grow a more resilient community

through the practice of saving and sharing seeds. Contact for more information.

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