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Anacortes Middle School Garden and Greenhouse Project

Students at our middle school are learning how to care for a garden, and grow food for our community!

Project Leads: Warren Carr and Laurie Sherman

For the last two years we’ve had the great pleasure to work with AMS teacher Molly Robbins, who keeps the students engaged and excited about the whole process. The classroom has 6 fully stocked cooking stations, and the students work together to create delicious food. During the school year, TF volunteers work with students weekly to guide them in the many skills involved with gardening. Students take responsibility for mowing, weeding, composting, seed blocking, transplanting, harvesting, and eating fresh organic food from their own garden. Carrots and Sorrel were favorite “grazing foods” this year, along with the ever-popular Russian kale. YES, RAW KALE!

In addition to getting their hands in the dirt, students help with repairs and work on upkeep and construction of new projects. In the fall we built 3 very large, deep, wooden planter boxes for use inside the Greenhouse. Students unloaded wood, swung hammers, mastered drills and saws, and constructed three sizable, raised beds to grow fresh food much of the year. Funds for this greenhouse improvement were awarded by a generous grant from the Anacortes Rotary Club.

Currently, we are seeking grant money to support the expansion of this program. It takes several hours a week of volunteer time to organize and coordinate people to make this project a success.

Students at our middle school are learning to care for a garden and grow food for our community!

We have had 3 very successful years and hope we can continue growing the garden footprint in Anacortes. Every school has a garden but very few are in use. Imagine the reward if each school is growing. Every child in Anacortes would experience a sense of accomplishment and know the value of the harvest. Each summer the expanded garden footprint would provide a source of food security for our island.

In the meantime, we plan to fill out the AMS Garden Project to include an after-school Garden Club. Through the club, we can do creative projects like flower bouquets, wreath making, and braiding garlic, the sky is the limit! The club will be able to take their creations to market to help fund future club initiatives. And the students will be able to take ownership by representing their project to the community at large.

Doesn’t this look like a blast?! Volunteers Needed!

If you’d like to support students’ self-reliance and community giving, JOIN US!

From September - June: we work with 7th and 8th graders in small groups, 1 day a week, for 1-3 hours depending on your availability. Summer: From mid-June through August, when students are away, we need help with watering and harvesting (for the free Share-the-Bounty stands) with occasional planting and weeding. The time required is minimal and flexible based on your schedule. We would love your help! Please contact us if interested in volunteering.

We deeply appreciate the continued support of this Garden Project from our business partners and local organizations! 

Our HUGE thanks to:

ACE Hardware

Sebos Hardware

Sunland Topsoil

Christianson's Nursery

Frontier Building Supplies

Sign Dog

Skagit Salvage

Anacortes Rotary Club

Anacortes Schools Foundation

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