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“Share the Bounty” Produce Stands!

Transition Fidalgo and Friends has three “Share the Bounty” stands offering free, fresh produce
to our local community. Gardeners are encouraged to drop off surplus fruits and veggies to help
those who would welcome the food.

Where are the stands?
— 2509 H Avenue, the Warren Carr residence
— Entrance to the Library on 10th St.
— Harbor House at 719 Q Ave.








Our mission:

… to raise awareness of and develop solutions to the challenges of climate change, energy uncertainty, and economic instability. Transition Fidalgo & Friends promotes a move away from fossil fuels through decreasing demand, increasing efficiency, supporting renewable energy, and fostering the local
production of food, energy, and goods.


Our 2020 Annual Report:

TF&F 2020 Annual Report

published January 6, 2021

What we are doing:

Anacortes Community Forest Lands Forest Monitoring   

“Fidalgo Grows” blog

Fix-It Days

High School Scholarships

“Gatherings” presentations

Produce Stands

The Pathfinder Newsletter

Vision 2030

and more!


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