Welcome to Transition Fidalgo

Our vision:
“We envision a world where humanity has drastically reduced its reliance on fossil fuels, living wisely and well within planetary limits.”

Our mission:
 “To spur local responses to climate change that strengthen our community and help heal the planet. TF urges a move away from fossil fuels through decreasing energy demand, increasing efficiency, supporting renewable energy, and fostering the local production of food, energy, and goods.”

We’re Hiring!

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Our Annual Membership Meeting:

January 31, 2023, 7 p.m.

Transition to a Clean Energy Future

Presented by Skagit Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) in partnership with Transition Fidalgo.

Betty Carteret, co-lead of the Skagit CCL Chapter, will talk about why clean energy is so important to taking action on climate change. We’ll discuss what we can do to reduce our dependence on oil and gas as we move to an all-electric future and how the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) can help us get there.

This is the first of a series of five monthly presentations designed to help us navigate the ins and outs of transitioning our electric supply, electrifying your home, car and community! Let’s take advantage of a nation-wide movement and work together to achieve these goals!

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Fidalgo Seed Share Library opens 10AM Saturday, Jan. 28 (National Seed Swap Day) at the Anacortes Library!

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What we are doing:

Anacortes Community Forest Lands Forest Monitoring  

Anacortes Middle School Garden partnership

“Fidalgo Grows” blog

Fix-It Days

High School Scholarships

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Produce Stands

The Pathfinder Newsletter 

Seed Savers

Vision 2030


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