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Have you read the report that the United States Government just released about climate change? Find it here: https://nca2018.globalchange.gov/

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Earth’s Bi-Polar Disorder:

Check out this trailer for our upcoming Transition Gathering on January 29, 2019


Then join us at the gathering for what promises to be another engaging and challenging presentation by Dr. Bob Bindschadler.

Earth's BiPolar Disorder

January 29, 2019

6:30 pm to 8 pm

Anacortes Senior Center, 1701 22nd St.

Transition Fidalgo and Friends’
Monthly Gathering Presentation:

January 29, 2019, Tuesday, 6:30 pm
Earth’s Bipolar Disorder
Dr. Robert Bindschadler

“Dr. Bob”, returns, after his very popular
presentation about Ice Caps in September, to present the case for why
scientists are so certain human use of fossil fuels is a major
contributing factor to climate change.

He will explain the dire nature of the consequences in a
manner that is not only accessible, but in a form that leaves
people more confident in raising discussions with friends and
neighbors who have yet to accept the urgency of this issue.

Come listen and learn from one of the world’s experts.

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Transition Fidalgo and Friends’ mission: to raise awareness of and develop solutions to the challenges of climate change, energy uncertainty, and economic instability. Transition Fidalgo & Friends promotes a move away from fossil fuels through decreasing demand, increasing efficiency, supporting renewable energy, and fostering the local production of food, energy, and goods.