There is no end to an education in environmental issues and community resilience.

Here are some opportunities for learning with TF&F.

Quarterly Gatherings

These meetings, held the last Tuesday of January, April, July, and October, have a time of announcements for upcoming events and other appropriate and timely ideas, and then a presentation by a local expert on a subject of vital interest to our community, our resilience, or our climate.

Our Publications
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Eating Locally and Seasonally

by Lopez Island residents Henning Sehmsdorf and Elizabeth Simpson. They have been living on their farm for 50 years, and this book puts some of their knowledge into one place. What to grow, when, how to preserve it, and how to cook it.

$20 for your own copy. Or a free pdf download version is also available. Visit the Transition Lopez website for how to get a hard copy and for the download link.

Fidalgo Climate History
by Jon Ranney
A summary of the past 120 years of climate data from Fidalgo Island. Fascinating!

 Learning resources: some of our favorite links and resources

including a current book list

The Pathfinder

The name of the Catalyst has changed, as has its focus. The Pathfinder has an even sharper focus on current climate and energy news, highlighting the criticality of changing the direction we are heading to transition into a sustainable, viable future.

The first issue of The Pathfinder came out in November of 2018. Back issues will be available as they are published.

The Catalyst

We used to publish a monthly newsletter called The Catalyst, which provided current information on current climate and energy news to keep you up to date on what’s happening, locally and globally. Some back issues are available, starting with the July 2018 edition.

Climate Fact Sheet

Here is a quick two-page fully source-identified summary of climate change issues in a detailed nutshell. Climate fact sheet 

Study it and share it!

Special Climate Report

The IPCC published a special report in February 2022. The report is large; go to this link for the summary report or all of the details.