5 thoughts on “Fidalgo Grows blog goes live Friday, April 17!

  1. Keith

    Hey, Peter….Mornin’ !!

    Lots of tomato starts and onion starts ready for transplant……onions now, but tomatoes require warmer settled weather. I’m going to try a few now and put in a tunnel over them. Really good idea if heat comes sooner……. and with extra starts, it’s worth the chance : )

    Plums in full bloom and apples days away. Honeybees busy and loving the dandelions !!
    Lots of bumble bees too….love those pollinators !!

    Garlic gorgeous at a foot tall ! Lettuce and mixed greens roaring to the table : )

    1. Peter Heffelfinger

      Hi Keith!
      As Campbell Lake gardening neighbors we are on the same planting schedule, onions sets and transplants in early, tomatoes and peppers waiting a tad longer to be set into the greenhouse beds, and for me, getting the last of the potatoes set in their trenches.
      I haven’t been off island of late to check my garlic and shallots growing out on the Flats near Edison, but I hear reports that they are doing well. Could use a bit of rain after all the steady sun of late. Still have some of my 2018 Russian Red garlic that is finally beginning to sprout. Extra tight skins make the difference.
      Unfortunately the bees in the overwintering hives at the Mt. Erie garden got a virus and died out. Echo of the times. But our beekeeper says the large amount of honey is fine and unaffected.
      Note: I still have some of your heritage apples in my cold storage fridge. Getting soft and wrinkly, but still edible for cooking. Amazing smell still comes out when I open the door—like being in a Vermont apple barn in the fall. And, I just got forwarded an article in the online P-I of a pair of heritage apple seekers in Oregon discovering lost varieties deep in canyons on former homesteads. They are grafting scions for propagation. Perhaps some new ones for your collection? Will list link below.
      Peter H.

      1. Peter Heffelfinger

        Find the Lost Apple Project online for more information on the discovery of old varieties in Oregon and Washington.

  2. Keith

    Thanks, Peter….will check out…
    At the moment, Crabapples are blooming hard and bringing all our bees to visit…..between dandelions !! Pink Pearl and Gravensteins are first serious apple bloomers for me. But the cherries are completely flocked……each limb has a white fluffy sleeve of complete whiteness……..will the robins win this years ??
    Please, NO.

    We should consider a “plant transfer” event.

    I’m gonna have many pepper and tomato plants to find homes for. Donation for T Fidalgo ?

    1. Peter Heffelfinger

      Hi Keith,
      You should contact Evelyn about donating starts to Transition. Don’t know how it might work during the shutdown.

      I just put in of my peppers, mostly North Star and Gypsy Yellow, with a few Early Jalapeños. Could use a few more exotics if you have any such as Italian Red Roasting or Purples.

      Peter H.

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