Coming Up

So many good things are happening around Fidalgo — walks, talks, educational opportunities and rewarding experiences!

Below are some highlights of events coming up that we believe may be of interest to Transition folks.

Annual Membership Meeting:
January 31, 2023

Transition to a Clean Energy Future

Presented by Skagit Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) in partnership with Transition Fidalgo.

Betty Carteret, co-lead of the Skagit CCL Chapter, will talk about why clean energy is so important to taking action on climate change. We’ll discuss what we can do to reduce our dependence on oil and gas as we move to an all-electric future and how the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) can help us get there.

This is the first of a series of five monthly presentations designed to help us navigate the ins and outs of transitioning our electric supply, electrifying your home, car and community! Let’s take advantage of a nation-wide movement and work together to achieve these goals!

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February 28:
“The Supply Side of the Clean Energy Transition” –

Decarbonizing our source of electrical power is a major challenge ahead of us in achieving greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. The all-electric future will demand about 3 times the amount of electricity available today, transmitted by a smart grid system to make our Clean Energy Future a reality. This talk will explore what will be needed to move from our current outdated electrical grid and power sources to a smart, distributed grid bringing us green power from an expected huge growth in solar and wind and possibly other non-carbon sources. Small community micro-grids and localized power cooperatives are also a concept being embraced by communities, a part of building local resilience in power supply. Right here in Skagit County this is being looked at as an option.   [Speakers to be announced]

March 28:
“Electrify Everything in Our Homes” –

the Clean Energy Future will require that we all begin to transition our home power consumption to all-electric “machines”. This talk will look at how we are already moving to all-electric new home construction and over time will replace fossil fuel-based heating, cooking, and other home systems with new all-electric systems in existing homes. We’ll look at how the Inflation Reduction Act can help us transition to an all-electric home. [Speakers to be announced]

April 25:
“Electrify Everything We Drive or Ride In”

Sales of electric vehicles are skyrocketing speeding our transition to decarbonized transportation. This presentation will look at what you might want to know about making the shift to an all-electric vehicle. We’ll discuss the state of technology, current costs, charging your vehicle at home or on the road, how to plan a trip, and what the Inflation Reduction Act offers to help you make the transition. [Speakers to be announced]

May 30:
Panel Discussion

“Smoothing the Road for the Transition”  

The Clean Energy Future will require us to work together as communities with all levels of government to smooth the way for a rapid transition to an efficient green electric supply grid and all-electric homes and transportation. Part of the challenge is modernizing the rules and regulations that ensure safety and proper design are updated to this new movement.  Many of the governmental regulations for power production and transmission were put in place many decades ago and do not reflect the needs of today.  Similarly, permitting and requirements for new building construction and home renovation need to be updated to ensure we can make the transition cost-effectively and rapidly enough to meet our goals to decarbonize our lives.  We will invite a panel of representatives from local, county and state organizations to join us to discuss this topic. [Panel members to be announced}

Anacortes Middle School Gardens help:

Every Wednesday. Contact Warren Carr or Laurie Sherman

Fix-It Days

The last Saturday of June through September at the Farmer’s Market, Anacortes


Our latest edition of Coming Up:

“Share the Bounty” Produce Stands!
Transition Fidalgo and Friends has three “Share the Bounty” stands offering free, fresh produce to our local community. Gardeners are encouraged to drop off surplus fruits and veggies to help those who would welcome the food.

Your support helps to bring fresh, healthy food to those who have no access to such items, or have no garden of their own.

Thank you for making this program, now in its second year, a success!

Where are the stands?
— 2509 H Avenue, the Warren Carr residence
— Entrance to the Library on 10th St.
— Harbor House at 719 Q Ave.

Note: the stands will be back up late spring or early summer 2022


Forest Monitoring:
Our studies in the ACFL are fully involved again! We have volunteers documenting when local plants bud and bloom, checking soil moisture, photographing the Little Cranberry burn area, checking cedar tree health, measuring the weather, counting birds, and so much more! Join us if you wish.

Fix-It Days — Ways!

By Larry Collinge,
TF&F Member

The Fix-it Booth is alive and well in Old Town. We
(the Fix-it Techs) missed this summer season at the
Farmer’s Market because of Covid concerns.
Maggie and I are not going to Mexico this winter,
so we’ve decided to re-boot the Fix-it Booth in my
garage, located at 1914 11th St.

My phone number is 360.202.5618.

Give me a call if you have a small appliance, lamp,
furniture or what have you that needs some TLC,
and I’ll give it my best, or tell you that it may not be
worth the time and energy to repair it. I’m doing
this free of charge, with the exception of any new
parts (switches, sockets or wire terminals) that may
be necessary to complete a repair.

I also do small welding jobs, as long as it isn’t aluminum. All I ask is
for a donation to Transition Fidalgo & Friends.
If and when you visit my shop, please wear a mask,
and I’ll do the same. Thanks.











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