Climate Discussion Group

Lyndon Greene and Carolyn Barney invite anyone interested in discussing Naomi Klein’s provocative book This Changes Everything to join them in the Library round room on Sunday March 6, 1:30-3 PM.

The idea here is to review such issues as:
1) Arctic Amplification,
2) the meaning and importance of positive tipping points,
3) the connection of ocean temperatures to sea level rise and how together they impact food production, severe weather, flooding, and the melting of glaciers, and
4) what actually was accomplished in Paris at COP 21.

Discussion points will include:

  • Pope Frances — Do you agree with him that climate change is a moral issue?
  • What is meant by climate justice?
  • Who is the Heartland Institute?  Who are the Koch Brothers?  What is Blockadia?
  • What do we know about climate science:  ie., CO2 levels, historical data, etc.?
  • Geo-Engineering, modification, and adaptation.  Is adaptation even possible?”

For more info, please call 360-299-9075, or email