Public Issues Guidelines

The primary focus of Transition Fidalgo (TF) is on creating opportunities to help move our community toward a positive low-carbon future. We realize, however, that it may sometimes be necessary to take a stand on issues involving the use of fossil fuels. In such cases, the board of directors and interested members will research issues considered relevant and important to the mission and goals of TF. This research will examine available information and evaluate its validity and completeness.

Based on the examination, a determination will be made as to whether or not TF will 1) take an official position on the issue, and, if so, 2) publicly state the TF position.

As research can require a significant commitment of the board’s time, the number of issues TF will officially address will be limited. However, TF encourages its members to become engaged citizens and to raise issues of interest and/or concern for discussion and possible exploration. Although the board may choose not to take an official position, members are free to explore issues important to them while taking care not to state or imply endorsement by TF.

Click here to see our position on fossil fuels.