Our March Presentation:

Share the Bounty Swap

Canceled until further notice.

Transition Fidalgo & Friends regrets to announce that we have decided to cancel or postpone our “Share the Bounty” Swap scheduled for March 31.

We have growing concerns about the spread of Corvid-19, the coronavirus. Large gatherings in somewhat constricted places create avenues where it can spread more easily. And the population most at risk includes senior citizens; our plans for the event to be held at the Senior Center gives us pause, and many of our participants will be seniors.

We hope to reschedule the Swap when the virus concerns have diminished. The materials and goods that have been collected so far will be held in a clean and dry storage area until then. The swap is tentatively anticipated to be held in May, but not until we know that our participants can enjoy a time of community sharing without having an over-riding concern about protecting their health.

Please contact us directly if you have further thoughts or questions. Thank you for your understanding as we seek the best for our community.

March 31, 7 – 8 pm, Anacortes Senior Center

Come share your gently-used useful items that you no longer use! Everyone will be invited to take, for free, whatever they can use.

Swapping stuff around is fun, but TF&F folks know it’s much more than that. Swapping helps keep things we no longer need out of the landfill, and by avoiding the production and shipping of new goods, swapping reduces emissions and resource demands on an overburdened world, and provides free items for those who can’t afford them. And, did we say it’s fun?

We’ll have tables for appliances, arts & craft supplies, books (kid and adult), clothes (kid and adult, no rips or stains please), collectibles, electronics, exercise and outdoor equipment, seeds and plants, shoes and handbags (clean and odor-free), textiles, tools, toys and games, and at least one table for that ubiquitous character, “Miscellaneous.”

Gardening time is close upon us, and we encourage you to bring any seeds you’ve saved or seed packets that you don’t plan to use. The seeds don’t need to be in individual packets – we’ll have extra envelopes available to measure out what you need. We’ll also have info about methods for seed-saving and a sign up to co-ordinate seed-saving in the future. Also, bring any pass-along plants you may want to donate. They can be in pots or just wrapped in some paper if that’s easier.

Have an item too good to toss but not in working condition? The Fix-It guys, bless ’em, will make a special appearance for this swap, so you can bring a broken item, get it repaired and pass it on, or take it home to use again!

This will be a family event, with an area for kids’ activities. Plans for food and music are in progress. We’ll also have a space for those who want to bring their handmade and/or homegrown items to either swap or sell. You don’t need to have items to swap to participate.

Want to help? On March 31st, we’ll need volunteers for set-up and clean-up, as well as someone to supervise the kids’ area. Let us know if you can lend a hand!

Our February 25, 2020 presentation:

Jack Hartt returns to share his popular presentation:

Love and Beauty in a Time of Turbulence

Our world and planet are changing; the challenges ahead are enormous. But we have within ourselves and among ourselves the resources to make a difference. Based on a riff from the new forest monitoring project in the ACFL, Jack will weave together the rhythms of hope and encouragement that keep us harmonizing in the coming turbulent times.

jack hartt picture b  Jack Hartt retired in 2017 after working 40 years in the Washington State Park system – 14 of those years as the Park Manager at Deception Pass State Park. He is now involved with Transition Fidalgo & Friends and the Skagit Land Trust in a variety of projects.

Our January 28, 2020 presentation:

Bridging the Communication Divide

To ensure that Earth remains hospitable to a wide diversity of life, including ourselves, humanity must grow beyond our current habits and ways of being.  That growth happens most reliably and effectively through connections between people, connections that often involve difficult conversations across disparate viewpoints and varied values. Learning to welcome those conversations and to engage in them with more curiosity than conviction and more empathy than emphasis is a path toward the common ground that will lead us forward.  This talk will introduce a simple framework for engaging productively in the challenging and difficult conversations that lead to growth.  We’ll take time to practice and reflect on how it works and where we might apply it.

Our presenter:

Karen Gimnig is a team builder, motivational speaker and relationship coach. She believes that our need for connection with the people around us guides us toward effective relationships.  She helps groups and individuals identify root causes of challenges and then walks beside them offering gentle support as they seek solutions, build trust and use simple (but not easy) tools for improved communication and relationships.

Our November 26 Presentation:

Is It Worth the Carbon?

Your Decisions Matter to the World

In a world that is seeing increasing impacts due a changing climate, do our daily decisions make any difference?  The answer is they do.  What you do has a greater impact than you imagine.  Together, we’ll talk about why your actions matter and things that you can do to move the ball in the right direction.

Presented by Eric Shen

Eric Shen is a retired mechanical engineer who moved to Anacortes in 2004 from the Tri Cities (Richland) where he lived with his wife Betty Carteret for more than 27 years.  Since retiring, Eric has been involved in a number of volunteer projects in the community through the WSU Beach Watchers program and Transition Fidalgo & Friends, a local organization leading the way to a more sustainable and resilient community.

October 29, 2019

Disaster Preparedness, by Dennis Clark



September 24, 2019

Climate Change and Forest Fires, by Dave Peterson


August 27, 2019

Climate Change and Soils, by Gabe and Deirdre LaHue


July 30, 2019

Mini-houses, by Bud Anderson



Net Zero Housing, by Kevin Maas


May 28, 2019

The Truffle, the Milliipede, and the Moth, by Roger Fuller


Presentation on YouTube video:

April 30, 2019

Paris to Pittsburgh, a movie by National Geographic


March 26, 2019

Marine Debris, by Hillary Burgess


Video presentation:

February 26, 2019

Ocean Acidification, by Dr. Brooke Love


Presentation on YouTube video:

January 29, 2019

Earth’s Bi-Polar Disorder, by Dr. Robert Bindschadler


Presentation on YouTube Video: