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MoNA Surge Festival slated for September

Surge Festival Call for Artists
Deadline for proposals through online application – July 1
Museum of Northwest Art, LaConner, WA

In partnership with the Skagit Climate Science Consortium and the Skagit Watershed Council, MoNA will launch an event to draw attention to climate change and its impact on the Northwest’s coastal communities. The Surge Festival will engage artists to work with environmental researchers and educators to present the public with new perspectives on issues such as flooding and storm surge through participatory art activities. The festival is scheduled for the weekend of September 26-27, 2015 at MoNA.

Call for Artists
MoNA announces a call to artists to participate through the creation of a project to be exhibited at MoNA. Artists may propose projects with scientists on the website or with others. Projects should focus on the geographic area of the Pacific Northwest. There is no fee to apply.

July 1 Artists submit brief project proposal
July 15 Project proposals accepted
August 15 Updated project description and photos due for marketing
September 11 Projects completed
September 25 Projects installed at MoNA
September 26-27 Festival
September 28 De-installation

Get more information at the Festival’s webpage.

Playing now through April 30th at Bellingham’s Pickford Theater is Merchants of Doubt, a must-see film that shows how a few contrarian scientists joined forces with conservative think tanks and private corporations to confuse the public on climate change. Based on a book by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway, the movie identifies parallels between the climate change debate and earlier controversies such as smoking. In 2004, Oreskes wrote a now-famous essay about her analysis of 928 abstracts in which not one scientist challenged the consensus view on climate change.

You can help stop the spread of dis-information. Visit for easy-to-grasp scientific responses to all the main denier talking points.

Skagit’s tulip fields may be clipped of their color, but Fidalgo is all a-bloom now. This is wildflower season, and if you haven’t yet given yourself the gift of a meadow walk, head out to Sugarloaf, or the south bluffs of Washington Park and Bowman Bay, to name just a few choice spots. Look for Indian paintbrush, blue and death camas lilies, monkeyflower, sea blush, shooting stars and so much more. Take a field guide and get to know the stories behind the names.  The more we learn to love the wonders at our elbow (or in this case, our feet), the more we’ll walk in joy, and the more we’ll walk with care.